Digital Dentures in Acworth GA

A more efficient - and affordable - way to replace missing teeth

Are you looking to replace some or all of your teeth?

digital dentures acworth ga

We understand dental implants aren’t the right solution for everybody

Glee Dental in Acworth can provide you with prosthetic removable appliances that replace all of your missing teeth at one time. Dentures are affordable, versatile, and have been used for generations.

Also, a patient may have already lost too much bone for the implants to attach to. We can sometimes refer these patients for advanced implant or bone surgery procedures, but these increase the cost and risk of complications.

For these patients, we recommend Digital Dentures as an alternative. Digital dentures are a new concept that has come onto the market and challenged our existing notions of what dentures need to be, and how they are made. The best way to explain what digital dentures are is to compare them to their non-digital (traditional) counterpart.

Computer Engineered Dentures

When your non-digital dentures are made, your Dentist takes a mold of your teeth and gums and then shapes your dentures to ensure that they will fit your mouth. The fitting process can take some time, and your Dentist will need to adjust and fit the dentures over multiple appointments to ensure there is no rubbing.

In the digital denture process, we use computer-aided design and engineering tools which are scientifically proven methods. It records how your teeth should bite together, finds how far apart your teeth should be, levels out your smile line, places your front teeth in the right spot, and traces out your bite to put your jaw joints into the correct position.

By using this process, digital dentures have been proven to be much more comfortable and appealing than traditional dentures due to their exceptional fit, durability, and beautiful appearance. When your teeth and jaw are properly lined up, your mouth can’t help but feel comfortable.

What if you lose your Digital Dentures?

No worries, with Digital Dentures, your 3D measurements and denture designs are kept. You do not need to go through the whole process and can order new dentures from the comfort of your home.

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